Latest games:

A unique game where you have to destroy a number of bombs. To do that you must trigger a chain reaction between the blowgunz.
Play Blowgunz

A fun game, to try the momentum theory. Place the weights right to get the pole in balance, enjoy.
Play Keep it Balanced


Here we will upload mods, gadgets, maps and other special things to games. its basically all the stuff that haven't anything to do about casual games, so the list is long...

Our main focus will be to produce fun and entertaining games, but if anything moves to another direction it will be placed in here. So don't worry as said our main focus is game production, all other side projects will just help us to produce even better games, it all comes down to one thing GAMES.

So if you are looking for a place to find cool features and nice gadget, all the stuff you didn't know you needed or just interested in what we can make, that isn't about casual games, this is the place.
















Blowgunz puzzle
An upcoming game, building further on the blowgunz engine. It's going to be a puzzle game, with a lot of levels and even with a level editor.

Updating homepage
We are currently updating the site with a new design. And trying to spread out the good news about this new gaming site.

A new gaming site
Our plan is to make a new gaming site. Existing of only games from our own production. This site is only temporary, until we find a name and a domain for our gaming site and production

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