Latest games:

A unique game where you have to destroy a number of bombs. To do that you must trigger a chain reaction between the blowgunz.
Play Blowgunz

A fun game, to try the momentum theory. Place the weights right to get the pole in balance, enjoy.
Play Keep it Balanced

About us

We provide people games, that can satisfy there hunger, even at work or in there education. If they have a break and just need to spend some time in a fun way, this is it! It only requires a computer with a connection to the internet. These sort of games are called Casual games. Casual games are games you can play for awhile and then go straight back to what you did the minute before.

Our dream is to become known as a great casual games developer and hopefully people will find our games interesting and innovating. It's not the few bucks that gets us through the rough periods, its our passion for games and the will to show the world our talent.

At the moment we aren't a lot of people producing games, which will affect our schedule in producing games to be longer. But even though we are short on people, we will still be productive and try to make satisfying games to our viewers.


If you have question or anything you can contact us at this email (Might be a hint to what we will name our selves in the future.)
















Blowgunz puzzle
An upcoming game, building further on the blowgunz engine. It's going to be a puzzle game, with a lot of levels and even with a level editor.

Updating homepage
We are currently updating the site with a new design. And trying to spread out the good news about this new gaming site.

A new gaming site
Our plan is to make a new gaming site. Existing of only games from our own production. This site is only temporary, until we find a name and a domain for our gaming site and production

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